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"How to Grow Your Sales + Win new clients... Even If You HATE The Thought Of Selling!"

Sales Made Simple

with Gilly Thompson

Ready to take control of your sales to grow your business & increase profits?

Sales Made Simple

with Gilly Thompson

Ready to take control of your sales to grow your business & increase profits?

  • Online business owner with a growing following

Welcome to The Sales Academy,

we help people who fear, hate or avoid selling and give them the confidence and skills to actively get more sales by booking more sales meetings, make more sales calls and getting a “Yes”

Do you or your team struggle in any of the following areas or suffer from any of these pitfalls?

  • FOLLOW-UP: What’s following up! its either non-existent or it only includes the cringe worthy phone call " I was just checking in"....

  • MOTIVATION: You will try anything to avoid selling, it’s a struggle to get your team excited about selling and your team lack passion and desire.

  • SALES AVOIDANCE TECHNIQUES: Your Sales reps have become order takers and team members are not actively selling.

  • PROSPECTING: It has become a scary word and your sales reps are terrified of the phone.

  • FACT FINDING: "Who makes the decision?" is the extent of the fact finding you or your team do.

Then this is your chance to get you and your team ready to

  • Get the confidence they need to become sales superstars.

  • Learn how to pick up the phone and prospect with confidence.

  • Be ready for networking with an elevator pitch that grabs attention.

  • Be able to grow sales by asking for the business with ease and confidence.

Join us at The Sales Training Academy today

Without growing your sales your business will not and cannot make money.

I want to share with you my 'no-brainer' formula that me and my team have used in over 2,000 sales calls converted over 60% of the people we have spoken to and made well over 7 figures in doing so!

Introducing The Ultimate Sales System

Sales Simplified


Just £29 per month or get unlimited access for £199!

  • 8 easy to follow modules.

    ALL my sales scripts to grow sales.

    ALL my closing methods to give you confidence.

    ALL my objection handles to stop the ick.

    20+ videos of me step by step in action that you can follow and

  • ALL the know-how that's made me millions.

Free Sales Playbooks

50 Killer Questions Every Ambitious Business Owner MUST ask on Discovery Calls

10 Ways to Close The Sale Without Feeling Pushy!

How to Follow Up Your Leads...Without Feeling Like A Stalker!

Free Sales Training

The Ultimate Elevator Pitch

Create immediate impact for your products and services in under 60 seconds using our Sales Made Simple approach.

A step-by-step template to set you on the way to working that room like a pro by creating the Ultimate Elevator Pitch

I remember it well, back in the day I was where you are now and not growing my sales I was...

"Crippled by sales overwhelm, losing faith in my sales ability, falling behind target, with no one to support me "

Hi! I’m Gilly Thompson.

I love everything about sales & selling. And I guarantee everyone can sell, with ease & integrity…even if you don’t believe you can!

Sales is a profession & a skill.

You’re not alone if you find it daunting & scary – because it’s NOT something most of us can just wake up & do.

I’ve made £millions in sales & won awards for sales achievement (even winning Salesperson of the Year at Durex…2 years in a row!).

And now I’m turning my 30+ years of experience into such simple structures to make selling so easy, you’ll wonder why it ever felt so hard!

Quiz Discover How You Can Grow your Sales!

Take the quiz now to get your FREE Sales Personality Profile… And discover your Secret Sales Superpower in Business!

Gilly absolutely knows her stuff!

"Gilly absolutely knows her stuff! She takes the fear out of making sales calls – it’s a skill.

Your business’ survival depends on your ability to sell. As a result of the course I have had a number of successes."

Pam Moore, tax professional

Will transform your ability to sell!

"Gilly’s programme has completely transformed my understanding of what it is to sell.

If you want to improve your sales skills I thoroughly recommend this easy to follow programme that will transform your ability to sell."

Rob Swan

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